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History of our Company

Gitzen Company was started back in 1921 by Albert Gitzen. It was originally named the Gitzen Candy Company as candy was all that was sold. In fact, product was sold directly out of the truck. In later years the business grew and began selling tobacco products, janitorial supplies, paper products, "Old Dutch" and "Delicious" potato chips as well as numerous snack items which have become a big part of the business.

The company originated in what was known as the Murphy Building located behind Healy Insurance on Sheldon Avenue. In 1923 Mr. Gitzen moved the business to its present location, which back then was under the Citizens Bank, now known as, The Frank A. Douglass Insurance Company/Remax offices. For those who may remember the office space took over the old American Express Office.

After passing of Albert Gitzen his wife Elsie and daughter Helen Gitzen (Wuthrich) carried on the business. Currently Albert Gitzen's grandson Robert (Bob) Wuthrich and his wife Joan are now operating the business.

(Above) Original Candy Truck

 (Above) Salesman & Albert Gitzen